Picture Windows

Manhattan KS Picture Window Replacement Services

A Picture Window provides an inexpensive window option to allow maximum light into a room

Do you have a room in your home that you want to open up a view to the outdoors? A picture window for your home will amplify your living space for less money than many other types of windows. Picture windows are not operational (also known as fixed windows); therefore, they do not allow airflow; however, they are amazing windows for unblocking views to the outdoors. Replacement picture windows provide a more revealing view than many other types of windows. Very common locations for picture window replacement are dining and living rooms, however, replacement picture windows can be located practically anywhere and are typically used in conjunction with operational windows.

Picture windows are fixed windows with no moving parts, designed to compliment other window styles such as double hungslider, and casement windows. The best picture windows for homes are used in conjunction with many other window types.

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