Manhattan KS Window Project

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After: Two new double hung windows in the client’s living room helped cool down the area on those hot sunny days

We love window replacement jobs, especially when we are working with great clients. Every job is unique; therefore, I will tell you about the fun, entertaining, and also the challenges we faced in a recent window installation project.

The entertaining item about this window replacement project is the homeowner’s had two small children; a baby and a three year old. The older child greeted us everyday with a huge smile when we arrived to install the windows. I have never seen such a happy three year old, day in and day out for an entire week!

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Before: Old single pane windows were wasting energy dollars.

Young children on the jobsite also presented safety challenges that we were happy to overcome. We scheduled around the children’s nap times, so we could replace the windows that did not require the use of power tools or other loud noises. We also wanted to ensure there were no dust particles or debris such as nails left behind. Therefore, we placed plastic down on the entire area inside and outside where we working. We also wiped down all surrounding surfaces and vacuumed everyday to ensure the safety of their children.

The temperatures that week were record setting for the year in Manhattan, KS, and hit highs of about 100 degrees everyday. With a family at home, and this hot of days, we ensured we only had one window out at at time and closed off the room to limit the house becoming too hot.

The homeowner’s were extremely pleasant and were a joy to be around. The mother let us use their fridge for ice and water, which was very helpful, and even offered us lunch! They also let us use their garage to store the double hung windows and stain the trim, which was very helpful as well. After we finished, these client’s also expressed interest in additional sliding windows, a storm door, a radiant barrier for the attic, and a new deck.

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