Casement Windows

Casement Window Replacement Wamego KS

A Casement Window will provide unobstructed views of a picture window along with the ability to open up your house to the outdoors

Dressing up your home with European flair has never been so rewarding. With a full 90° sweep, these windows give nature a warm welcome in nice weather. Casement windows work even better at giving bad weather the cold shoulder due to their natural closing configuration, similar to a fridge door. Configurations include single, twin, triple and quad with integral or factory mulled options.

A casement window is perfect for the consumer who wants unobstructed views of a picture window, but also wants the free airflow of an operating window. A casement window is often times the best replacement window option in half basements due to their egress window capabilities.

Casement windows deliver the most unobstructed viewing areas, ventilation, and structural integrity of any operating window all in one package. They are hinged so the sash opens outward, to the left or right, in a swinging motion. Many picture windows can easily be replaced with a casement window to provide additional ventilation in your home.

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