Awning Windows

Wamego KS Awning Window Replacement Services

An Awning Window will provide airflow in your home while keeping light rain out

Awning windows are convenient features for many homes as they are one of the most energy efficient operable window designs available. The primary reason for an awning windows energy efficiency is it’s similarity to a fridge door design. Awning windows are operated by a crank handle that allows them to close more tightly and securely than a sliding style window.

What is an awning window? An awning window is basically a casement window that is hinged from the top, in lieu of side-hinged casements. Due to awning windows opening at the bottom of the window, awning windows are effective at keeping rain out, while still providing ventilation.

Awning windows were previously popular in industrial buildings, but now they have become popular for homeowner’s to place above kitchen sinks. Installing awning windows above kitchen sinks provide the unobstructed views of a picture window with the air circulation of many other operable types of windows.

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