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Bathroom Remodel for Manhattan Homeowners

If you are looking to renovate that old bathroom, or create the kitchen of your dreams. We can make your dreams a reality. Remodeling a bathroom, basement, or kitchen can be a daunting task. We will lead you every step of the way with our team of Manhattan KS home improvement specialists.

Some remodeling contractors are reluctant to specify in detail the steps they will perform because this eliminates their ability to add on charges for things the client thought was included in the proposal.

We do things differently at Vanguard. We work diligently to give you a price that allows us to meet your expectations and also meet the quality standards we have set.

The price we quote for the work specified is the price you pay. Unfortunately, some contractors try to use time and material contracts, so you are responsible for any cost overruns due to the contractor’s laziness.

We take extra time to detail your proposal so you will not be surprised at the end of your job. If you have established a maximum budget that you can spend and you want us to do the work, we can possibly adjust the size of your project to accommodate your budget, but we won’t compromise on quality just to get the job.

Contact us to request more information and to schedule a home remodeling consultation in Manhattan, Wamego, Junction City, and surrounding areas.

Home Remodeling Contractor Manhattan KS

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Bathroom Renovation 3D Design Services

Remodeling General Contractor Wamego KS Residential Remodeling Contractor Wamego KS

Home Remodeling General Contractor Manhattan KS

Before Master Closet

Remodeling General Contractor Junction City KS

Custom Master Closet Organization Systems

Some companies may believe “good enough” is good enough. You should expect more.

“Quality” is a word that a lot of contractors throw around as in “we only use quality materials.”

A contractor who is truly concerned with quality and not just making another sale should:

  • Visit your project 3 times a week. This ensures that all aspects of your project are completed following our written installation process and any other requirements for your project.
  • Ensure that their installation process meets the manufacturer’s standards so the material warranty is enforceable (shortcuts in installation will void the material warranty and the homeowner won’t even know).
  • Be able to explain in plain English exactly what is being done in every phase of the project. This demonstrates an in-depth knowledge of the task they are performing.

We will explain to you in a step-by-step fashion exactly what we are going to do on your project, so you will be able to compare what we are offering to what our competitors are offering.

NOTE: Some contractors are uncomfortable detailing exactly what they plan to do because they may leave out steps in order to offer a lower price even if it does compromise the quality of the job.

Home Remodeling Contractor Wamego KS

Before, old fiberglass shower surround

Onyx Shower Base with Custom Bench

Before, tub and shower surround

Residential Remodeling Contractor Manhattan KS

Subway tile with custom shower niche

Home Remodeling Contractor Junction City KS

12″x12″ Shower Tile with Mosaic Patttern Accent

Home Remodeling General Contractor Wamego KS

Onyx Shower Base with Custom Bench