Manhattan Window Painting Project





Manhattan Window-Turned-Painting Project

Vanguard is a Manhattan KS based home improvement contractor for windows, doors, siding,  remodeling and outdoor living. The company works in the towns of Manhattan, WamegoJunction City and surrounding communities.

And in this case, we have a great story where Vanguard originally came to work on a New Casement Picture Window installation, and then was asked to help take over when the customer was doing her own Do-It-Yourself Painting project that didn’t go as planned. So Vanguard came to the rescue. Here is a quick story using some pictures and what the customer was posting on Social Media to show her journey with us.

We had a great time with a client getting the light in to her dreary living room. We designed a plan to install three picture windows to let light through, yet not be overbearing. These plans included energy-saving EcoSmart windows from Great Lakes Window. Our customer was also concerned with future settling of her home (a previous issue). She enjoyed knowing the Great Lakes windows will hold up to the test of time with fusion welding and the SmartCore insulated frame for added strength.

Manhattan Contractor installs Great Lakes WindowWe wish to thank Great Lakes Window for supplying the materials and also featuring us in a Window Installation Contractor & Customer Success Story. Within that story Jim Hund, President of Vanguard, says “I like the product so much that I have installed the windows in my own home resulting in significant Energy savings and no maintenance of the windows. I love how I can build a window on my computer specifically for a client’s needs and they know exactly what window they will get before placing the order.”

imageManhattan Window Installation & Interior Painting by Vanguard

myonlinetoolbox_logoWe wish to thank MyOnlineToolbox for helping us with our website marketing and packaging of this story on our website, as well as packaging the content for the Great Lakes Case Study webpage. MyOnlineToolbox has also featured us on their website here as a Contractor Website Lead Generation Marketing Success Story.

We now continue with the most fun part of this project and that she posted the progress of this on Facebook so we can see in real time.

After we installed the windows, we collaborated on a color option for her wall with the new windows. With the deep reds that the previous homeowner loved so much, they were not for this client. This was a major decision, since she was going to paint her other rooms this same color. We decided on a svelte green from Sherwin Williams. After we installed the windows, she was ecstatic about the look, and wished she did not wait so long.

Cora Cooper left us these kind words on our Google Page: “Despite my inability to make up my mind, the great folks at Vanguard delivered exactly what I wanted. Jake left a timeline of work so I knew exactly what to expect when, and always came when he said so. He cleaned up every night and there was the absolute minimum of disruption to my life. I really appreciate the care he took with the small details, even coming back to wash the newly-installed windows after I thought he was done because we’d had a little rain and they were splattered. I would hire these guys for anything! Impeccable work, great to work with!”

As with many of our clients, she caught the home improvement bug, and wanted to tackle her kitchen after we were finished. We apparently made it look too easy. Just see the story below via Facebook.

New windows and paint to liven up the living room:


Next, she wanted to paint her kitchen,
and got her Facebook friends on board:


One week later she took on the daunting task, with good humor:


Still full of gusto, yet showing first signs of doubt, her friends gave her support:


Is it worth moving the stove? Those things are heavy.


Almost midnight, on day 2, defeat is setting in. A suggestion was made, “That’s why God made painters!”


Made a call – Vanguard Home Designs to the rescue:


Ready to Get Your Job Done Right With Professionals?

Home improvement projects can be fun and rewarding, and we encourage homeowners to give their homes the time and attention they deserve. But, let’s face it, there are some projects that can be more efficiently accomplished by a professional remodeling company.

If you are looking to upgrade or update your home and you know that you lack the time or expertise to accomplish your project in a timely and quality manner, then contact Vanguard Home Designs and we will take care of your home like it’s our own.