Manhattan Vinyl Siding Project

Vanguard is a Manhattan KS based home improvement contractor for windowsdoorssidingremodeling and outdoor living. The company works in the towns of ManhattanWamegoJunction City and surrounding communities.

And in this case, we have a great story where we can show what goes into creating the finished product.

The customer is happy with their new Craneboard Double 7″ Lap Vinyl Insulated Siding.  It includes a Lifetime Warranty, that is also transferable to the next homeowner.

But before we began, Vanguard used the latest in technology to get precise measurements for our material requirements.  Below is an image taken from our calculations we did while setting up the job.

New Vinyl Siding Measurements for South Side of House

Measurements for new vinyl siding on south side of house.

And while you see just one angle of the finished job on top, Vanguard meticulously covers all sides and angles of the job, as shown below.

New Vinyl Siding Measurements for other Side of House

Measurements for new vinyl siding on other sides of house.

And while the pictures may look impressive, it is more imperative they help calculate the material requirements, as shown below.

New Vinyl Siding Calculations for Material RequirementsMaterial Requirements for New Vinyl Siding

And while the first thought is to focus just on the Vinyl Siding, there are Facades to be considered too, as shown below.

New Vinyl Siding Facades Calculations for Material Requirements

Facades Material Requirements for New Vinyl Siding

Then after we got all the materials organized, it was time to get to work.

New Vinyl Siding Job Being Worked On

New Vinyl Siding Job being worked on by Vanguard Home Designs

Vanguard was excited not only about this job and happy customer, but also to be featured by industry leaders in a Marketing Presentation as shown below.

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